This is beginning to feel a bit more real

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in our little software company.

We may only have 1.25 employees in the software side of the business, but our ‘vast network’ of freelancers and advisors is working hard to leverage the effectiveness  our internal resources.  😉

I’ve done the minimum amount of customization required on the CheckListRN blog to make it look real, added a first post, and sent out a couple of rounds of limited audience invitations.  And I’ve gotten my first posted comments back.  (Thanks, Karen!)  I’ve got another post just about ready to put up and will send out more invitations once it is booked.

Sara, one of my freelancers, took my source code for the Android version of PasswordRN, got it building and running in an Android 2.x development environment and has produced a quick specification for adding in the security features.  She’ll start work on implementation next week and we’re hoping she can be done before the end of the month.

I’ve got another freelancer, a summer intern I’m borrowing from a generous friend down in Laramie, who will be starting on the iThingy version on Monday.

Becky, freelancer (and daughter), is pulling together a matrix on all the Android and iThingy  ‘password managers’ products she can find.  It will inform my competitive analysis but, more importantly, serve as the basis for  a critical piece of my ‘minimum viable product strategy‘.  It will allow me to start producing value for my target audience BEFORE we publish a product by serving as a clearing house for nurses (and others) who are interested in the product category.

Hokan has been making steady progress on a difficult WordPress upgrade (a bespoke project for a client whose custom theme did NOT want to cooperate in a move from 2.6 to 2.9). He also has been patiently pair programming with me as we completed our part of the GuideCache Phase I project (a web app product prototype I’ve been partnering on with my Wyolution friends, Mark and Jared).  The combination of Hokan’s php/html/css skills and my overall sense of how the product works and how the database is set up has been dynamite — I just wish I had him on my last round of coding for that product.  Pair programming rocks.

I’m in today, a Saturday, working on administrative stuff, getting in touch with a couple of potential word smiths to help with some of the writing/re-writing chores I see looming, and trying to get up and running on Mercurial/BitBucket, which is the distributed version control system I’ve decided to try.  I really don’t want Sara making changes to code without a good VCS solution for us to share.  At the moment, Eclipse is being its normal, opaque self and fighting me all the way on this one.

And then there’s the day job, where I’ve done some good work since I got back from AZ and NM.  But it needs a bit more time over the next couple of weeks.

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