Your application is Ready for Sale

An email from Apple with the above subject line was waiting for me when I got back to work on Friday after spending most of the day at the WyBiotech conference.  PasswordRN is live in the iTunes store!

The conference was way off topic for me but fascinating (especially Randy Lewis’s talk on spider silk  and goats and cotton seeds, oh my!) and a good time that I got to spend with daughter Becky who is in town for a few weeks between school terms.  I do wish the Wyoming bio-tech industry all the luck in the world.  But I’m going to stick with software and count my blessings as a microISV.  There’s really no such thing as a viable  microBiotech company — although you clearly can do quite a bit of early work as a virtual company before you get to the scaling-up, need-VC-funds stage.

It only took 11 days to get PasswordRN through the review process, which is pretty fast by all reports.  And it went quickly for me since I had so much else going on.  I pushed hard, on Labor Day, to get the app submitted exactly because I had so many other priorities coming up and I wanted to turn that upcoming chunk of calendar time into an asset rather than a debt.

(How odd.  I just looked back at Patrick McKenzie’s blog post that I always think of as the Time as an Asset write-up and found out that a) it isn’t called that at all and b) the big take-away for me, about wall clock time versus calendar time, just gets a small mention deep in the middle.  Never mind.  The rest of it is good, too, and, if you run a small company, you should read it whatever it is called.)

Having PasswordRN in limbo for those 11 days reminded me a bit of what it was like to be pregnant.  I loved being pregnant.  No, really.  Alright, there were inconveniences and worries.  One daughter was prone to setting off alarm bells on any test they gave us, only to have the next test prove THAT wasn’t a problem but . . .  well, there just was this one odd factor that it would take another test or two to explore.   The other one tried to come out early and took three months of bed rest to finish right.

But, other than that, when we weren’t testing or resting, it was really cool to be a manager in a growing software company and pregnant at the same time.  No matter how hard the day was or how aggravating the people around me seemed determined to be or how deep in a hole some big project had crawled, when I was pregnant, I always had at least one thing that I was definitely making progress on.  (Also, I got to eat just about as much and as often as I liked, and that was fun, too.  But being a microISV is NOT like that, ever.)

Similarly, no matter what else when wrong on each of those 11 PasswordRN days, no matter what I did wrong or didn’t get done or couldn’t figure out, my product was gestating and we were moving 1 day closer to some sort of resolution.  And trust me, there were plenty of frustrations.  Big customer has a release that seemingly just does not want to get out the door.

But, as if to reward me for taking a breather and going to the conference, Apple Corp finished the review process for PasswordRN and accepted it!   I had told myself I was prepared for rejection on some foolish technicality and I tried to be.  But I was practically giddy when I saw that subject line.

The real work begins now.  Networking.  Marketing.  Selling.   Reading the comments, and criticisms, and reviews.  Figuring what to put in the next version and the next product.  But comments and criticisms will mean there are customers and there’s nothing more valuable than a customer base.

Oh, yeah, and I also have a time debt hanging over my head.  I, yes, me personally, have to get back to the Android version and test it and finish it.  Shouldn’t take long; just takes getting to.

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