First Occasional Sheridan Programmers Guild Code-athon


Jared, Hokan, Mark, Anne

Last week, the Wyolution guys, Mark Thoney and Jared Kail, were in our new offices for the First Occasional Sheridan Programmers Guild Code-athon (FOSPGC, pronounced foss-pick, the g is silent ;-)).

Mark and Jared wanted to prototype a couple of possible Android phone apps.  Hokan and I have working, published Android app code we were willing to share as examples.  Hokan’s working on a new app.  And I wanted to add unit testing to another.  So we all pretty much cleared our calendars, Jared came in from Lander, and we coded, traded technical questions and tricks,  and programmer stories and bad jokes for a couple of days.  It was a great good time.

The one resource we used, besides the extensive Android developer’s pages and each other,  was the now-well-thumbed copy I have of the Pragmatic Programmers Hello, Android book.  I highly recommend it if you are an experienced programmer trying to make a quick transition into Android programming.  It has a nice amount of background info, some great starter examples, and enough depth so that you can springboard from it to building a real  app of your own.

FOSPGC working configuration

We tried a couple of different configurations but what seemed to work best was having us all together in one of our work rooms, each on our own machine, but able to ask questions and turn around to look at each other’s screens when need be.  As usual, I took up the most space and required two monitors, while Mark and Jared seemed perfectly content to share a small table and work from the built-in screens on their portables.  (Strong eyesight is a wonderful thing — appreciate it while you have it.)

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  1. Anne Gunn

    It’s exactly the kind of event we’d have had trouble holding in our old offices. Many thanks to Forward Sheridan, Sheridan County, and the State of Wyoming for making the new Sheridan County Business Incubator a reality!


  2. Dick Weber

    Congratualtions! My meeting went until 1:30pm that day, sorry I wasn’t able to check it out. I bet Butch had a few choice comments and suggestions; he’s a great guy! Glad it worked for you all and hope you made some progress!

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