Why write software for nurses rather than doctors or ‘the healthcare market’

One of the cool things about the modern software industry is that you don’t have to limit your choice of gurus by location or age.  Patrick McKenzie is one of mine.

If you get a chance, check out this 7-minute video; it explains a lot about why I’m writing software for nurses and is also just generally good marketing advice for geeks.

(As a bit of background, the presentation is as rushed as it is because Patrick won a free registration to the Business of Software conference by agreeing to give  a ‘flash’ presentation.  He had 7 minutes to go through 15 slides that changed automatically every 30 seconds.  Weird format but he pretty much pulls it off.)


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  1. ag Post author

    I know about YCombinator but haven’t been tracking Hacker News. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

    Although, frankly, right now my problem is not finding enough good discussions/posts, it’s finding any time at all to read the ones I know about.

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