Pivot MVP

We’re in the midst of pivoting the company direction away from B2C phone apps targeting specific professions (nurses, truck drivers, first responders) and towards B2B apps for all sorts of businesses (although certainly those that employ the same professions).  I owe this topic a longer post but today just need to put a stake in the ground and announce the publication of the Minimum Viable Product that makes tangible progress for us in this new direction.

SnapToMe appeared in the Android Marketplace yesterday evening.

Hokan has, once again, put his head down and carved reality out of one of my hand-waving product ideas.  This iteration is a free, B2C ‘concept demonstrator’ for what I hope to make into a long product line of phone and web apps to be ‘used at work’.

The idea is simplicity itself:  If you frequently snap a picture on your phone and email it to yourself, why not reduce that to a two click process?  And get date/time/location tagging in the bargain?

For business uses where you want the photo as a record or to share with a select few folks (not the world on Facebook), this app just takes a conceptually simple process and makes it about as fast and simple as it can be.


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