Wyoming goes Google

Google AppsWyoming is a great place to have a business:  no corporate or personal income taxes, a GREAT Secretary of State office, low bureaucracy all around, and a overall pragmatic approach to life and work often expressed as “git’er done.”

The State of Wyoming’s Executive branch just took one of these pragmatic steps and became the first state in the nation to ‘go Google’ and move to Google Apps for Government from a hodgepodge of ?13? (that’s what I heard on the radio anyway) different, incompatible email and office platforms.  Check out this article from WyomingNews.com for details.

We use Google Apps here at SPG and are very happy with everything but the spreadsheets.  The email is GREAT!  The Word equivalent is capable, fast, and has a wickedly useful group editing capability that has consistently helped us when we’re trying to do things like hammer out  task lists with the remote interns.  The only app I’ve had any dissatisfaction with is the Excel substitute.  It’s slow, the features for auto-saving and sharing with others aren’t quite the same as the doc features that work so well, and overall it just seems cumbersome to use.  None of that is a huge issue for us.  We don’t use spreadsheets as much as email/docs and I’ve got that handy copy of Excel sitting on one of my old machines for when I need it.  So, assuming the state hasn’t done something silly like go through and uninstall all the copies of Office that were already on employee’s machines, I expect that the State number crunchers will do ok  until the Apps spreadsheet feature is improved.


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