RUP Record published in the Android Marketplace

We’ve just published the very first version of RUP Record in the Android marketplace:

RUPRecord helps private pesticide applicators comply with the record keeping requirements of the U. S. federal regulations on restricted-use pesticides (RUP).  Failure to comply with these regulations can result in civil penalties of $500 or more.

RUPRecord remembers your name and applicator id, automatically records the date, time, and location,  and provides an easy-to-use form for entering application-specific data out in the field.  The resulting record, which meets the USDA requirements, is then emailed to you so it can be printed out and dropped into a file folder.  This makes it easy to comply with the regulation that the information be on file within 14 days and be kept for at least two years.

RUPRecord can be used for recording both spot and area applications.  It builds up a history of the names and ids of the restricted-use pesticides you apply, making it even easier to record additional applications from the same container.  If you don’t have cell phone service out where you are applying the pesticide, you can capture the location when you are in the field and enter/send the data once you get back in range.

RUPRecord joins the recently published SnapToMe as the first products in what we hope will be a long line of phone-based data collection and data distribution apps.

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