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We published a quick update to the free SnapToMe today after fixing a crash reported by user Lnand — thank you!

We’re also making good progress on the paid version, SnapToMe Plus.  It made a brief preview appearance in the marketplace last week.  But when we found out that the background email sending technique we were using wasn’t really ready for primetime, we unpublished and went back to work on it.  I thought I had lost a couple of photos of my own (I didn’t — they were still safely on the phone but had to be harvested by hand) and wasn’t willing to risk that experience for users.  I’m testing the new version this weekend when I’ll have plenty of time out in the country with no cell service, so I should be able to give the background/queued-send feature a pretty good workout.

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  1. ag Post author

    Partly because the Android dev environment is so easy to work with — it’s a great environment for being able to try out ideas, get them published quickly, be able to update them promptly, etc. Partly because I think Android has a huge future in front of it; its market share is growing and, even discounting phone sales, I think the long term market for Android-enabled devices should be both huge and very fun to work in. And it’s partly because I’m not finding developers interested in the xcode / objective c environment. I know I can hire experienced developers for relatively large dollars and a relatively long time on their waiting list, I’m just not finding young developers who want to work in that world. I would have done a couple of iPhone versions of products this summer if any of my Summer of Code candidates had been excited about trying to build them, but none of them were. So we’re doing a Plus version of one Android app and a BlackBerry version of another. It may be the circles I travel in, may be a market trend; hard to know from where I sit.

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