SnapToMe Plus Published

Porcupine quills in tire (cropped)

I tested the newest version of SnapToMe Plus all weekend while I was out of town and, mostly, out of cell phone range.   I captured a bunch of pictures and transmitted them as we drove home once we got cell phone service back.  I had a couple of usability tweaks that Hokan implemented today and then he republished the app.  Huzzah.

If you, or someone you know, just needs a super simple way to snap a photo and get it off the phone and share it via email, try one of the SnapToMe‘s in the Android Marketplace.  The free version sends the email in the foreground.   The paid version has a background service to do the Send, which allows you to quickly take another picture or close the app without waiting.  The same background service gives you the option of capturing pictures when you don’t have cell phone service at all and having them queue up till connectivity is restored.

Both versions include the date, time, and location when the picture was taken in the email so you have tracking info if you need a record of when/where you saw or did something.

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