Three SnapTo’s and an ERG in the approval process

Matt published new versions of all three SnapTo Android products today, with small but significant usability improvements.

All three apps now show a progress dialog after the Capture button is pressed, while the phone is processing the image. Having the Send button dimmed until the Capture was complete was a bit subtle and led to some users to think they had sent the photo when they hadn’t, if they hit Send before it was activated.

All three can now allow themselves to be moved to an SD card to free up memory on-board the phone.

And SnapToMe Plus and SnapTo Scott Hininger now have Retry All and Resend All buttons to help manage the Outbox queue when connectivity is spotty.

Also exciting:  We submitted our very first Blackberry app to the BB markeplace today.  It is a new version of DOT Placards that we are calling, simply, ERG2008 since that is what it is.  This app is the product of one of our interns, Sara, who has just finished with us and is about to start a full-time job.  We wish her the best of luck and promise to nurse her product through the BB approval process as quickly as we can.


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