The end of our Hokan era

Today was the last work day here for my young colleague and friend Hokan.  Hokan came to us as a high school student and stayed for what you might call his ‘gap year’.

In that time, Hokan has had some role in every product we’ve published, every web site we’ve put up, most of the sys admin work we’ve done, and many of our consulting projects.  To say that he is a bright, versatile, and talented young man is to laughably understate the case.

We know that he needs to move on to his next adventure and wish him well.  I, personally, will miss him enormously.  But he has left us with some great foundations — code, process, and infrastructure — to build on.

Thank you, Hokan!


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  1. Kathleen Pilch

    Best wishes, Hokan! I am glad your high school internship turned into a worthwhile experience for both you and Anne. Keep in touch with us at Sheridan High School.

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