DOT Placards celebrates 10,000 downloads

Transportation Placards

Version 1.0 of our DOT Placards product was released on 3 September, 2010. Today I checked in Android Developers Console and saw it has crossed the 10,000 download threshold. Huzzah!

The Android Marketplace doesn’t publish exact download numbers for consumers to see. Rather, it reports downloads as being within ranges such as < 10, 50-100, 1,000-5,000 and so on. But the bands get bigger as the counts go up. It gets to be a bigger and bigger deal to cross each threshold.

We’ve been in 5,000-10,000 band for a long time and, for a time, were stalling out a bit on attracting new users. Then we removed the ads feature. Showing ads had never done anything for revenue, had probably annoyed some users, and required extra permissions at app install time. Taking them out was a great decision.

Many thanks to Mark, whose brainchild the product was, and to Hokan, who built it.

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  1. Steve Friend

    Just downloaded (and paid for) DOT Placard Plus. I only get one basic screen after keying in a placard number. How do I get the other screens and other functionality?


  2. ag Post author


    After you typed in the substance number and pressed the Search button, you should see a list of Search Results. For example, if I type in 1993, I get a whole screenful of the different materials that share that number (Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, etc).

    If you touch the entry for one of the substances, you move to the Guide page for how to respond to the various hazards the substances present.

    At the bottom of that page in the Plus version, you can Add To My Placards, and record the substance and location where you saw it.

    After you’ve saved at least one placard and location, you can use the My Placards button on the opening screen to view your saved placards either in a list or on a Google map.

    Hope that helps. If you have further questions, just email us directly at

    Thanks for being a customer!

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