Android app development cross pollination

SnapToMe Plus iconToday I had the pleasure of pushing the new generation of our SnapTo apps to the Google Play Store. Our three apps, SnapToMe, SnapToMe Plus, and MyDumbBoard are all variations on a theme: give the new or very busy phone user the simplest possible way to snap a picture straight to his or her email inbox. The new Version 2.0 editions are a great demonstration of how the retail products of an Android app developer can benefit from custom app development projects and vice versa.

Frankly, it doesn’t take a lot of key strokes to email yourself a picture from your Android photo gallery. But if you are a novice user, that process is just one-more-thing-to-master. Or, if you are a busy retailer or seminar leader or real estate agent and you routinely need to send yourself pictures to document a problem or record a whiteboard or take note of an opportunity, any extra steps can turn should-be-easy into never-quite-got-it-done. Especially if you don’t always have connectivity and need to remember to do the mailing later when you get back in cell range.

The SnapTo apps all make taking one picture straight to your email inbox a two-click operation. And all but the free app make that work even if you don’t have connectivity when you take the picture.

The new versions of our three apps were inspired by contract Android app development we did this spring for CaptureBites, a Belgian company. One of the real downsides of being an Android app developer is that you get very little feedback on your apps through the Google Play store. A very small percentage of users will give you ratings, even fewer will bother to write a review. We have had a few users, over the years, who actually took the trouble to contact us via email and give us detailed suggestions, but they are rare birds indeed.

So when an experienced professional, such as JD Moons, who heads up CaptureBites, comes to me with a shared vision of what is right about my apps but strong opinions about where they could be better, I sit up and listen. JD had a very specific use case, truck drivers delivering packages, but a very broad sense of how the UI could be improved. Our partnership has been both cordial and productive, a real model for contract Android development.

Features we developed first for CaptureBites that we have since moved into our own apps:

  • The ability to take and send multiple pictures in one email
  • A more intuitive, more global user interface
  • Improvements in the body of the email including the geolocation tag presented as an active link to Google Maps.
  • Improved logic for resizing the photos to help control file sizes.

Before and after screenshots of the main app; small changes but a big difference.

Screenshot of SnapToMePlus Version 1

SnapToMe Plus Version 2


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