WorkLight Flashlight App for Android

A Free Flashlight App for Android

That doesn’t collect or share your data

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Does the world need another free flashlight app?

We didn’t particularly think so either. But then you find out many flashlight apps are designed not as flashlights but as user information gathering devices so that your data can be resold to marketers. You also find a bunch of apps named dumb things like “World’s Brightest Ever Flashlight App!*”–as if the brightness didn’t depend on the phone’s hardware, but on the software…Gee…”marketing,” I guess…We were starting to think maybe the world did need a flashlight app.

So please join us in welcoming our latest app-bundle of joy into the world: WorkLight, a free flashlight app for Android.

It’s a light. That simple.

The WorkLight free flashlight app toggles your camera flash / lamp. You can also use the light from a (mostly) white, red, or blue screen as your flashlight. There are no settings or bells and whistles besides the choice of screen color.

Hang it from the hood to work on your Chevy. Bring it out to find the right @(#$* door key at night. Use it to hail spaceships while adrift in interstellar space. We don’t care. That’s what it’s for: makin’ light.

There’s only one permission required. Google requires you grant WorkLight permission to use the camera and/or microphone at install. But WorkLight doesn’t actually take photos or record sound–we’re not that kind of app. We just need it to use the flash.

There are no other permissions required and we collect no data through the app. It’s just a flashlight app. That’s all. And it’s free.

Oh, and there are no ads! Not one!

* “World’s Brightest Ever Flashlight App” does not appear to be an actual trademark at the time of this writing. We don’t want to point fingers here.

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