“Appraised” for $2,350, Sells for $6 [ A Domaining Update]

Sherprog Goes Domaining…

This winter, we’ve leapt into “domaining.” Domaining is the hobby or business of participating in the domain name aftermarket. 

Last week our first domain name auction on closed. Anne decided this winter to thin out her domain coffers, and the first auction to go live was a lot of two related domains: ($60, Estibot) and ($55, Estibot).

They were both English-language exact-keyword-match .com domains. It looked good to me.

The Generous Appraisal, or the “Wisdom” of the Masses

Just for kicks and vanity, I submitted to Flippa’s crowd-powered estimation forum. You can amuse yourself with the results here. While a few Flippa users made earnest stabs that fell close to our Estibot and GoDaddy appraisals, e.g. the $60-90 range, the majority of participants tossed out four-or-five figure numbers, with $10,000 capping things off. We were…flattered, I guess, by the enthusiasm.

(It turns out if you appraise 15 domains a week, you can get one free listing per week, so maybe I should start throwing out some fun numbers too just to circumvent that $9 Flippa listing fee…)

Just one lay-appraiser voiced the con I was worried about. I was aware trademark issues would limit the potential uses of the domain to only those that could be considered “fair use” of the Android brand name. at Auction

After a $9 listing fee and another $9 for “promotion” (Bold listing title? Heck, yeah, I want it bold), the auction went live. And dormant. For 14 days.

With two hours to go on Day Zero, our first bid came in. One crisp and green US dollar! Well, one digital and insubstantial PayPal dollar–or, more accurately, since it cost eighteen to list, negative seventeen dollars. But, hey, it felt good to have a bid.

Fortunately, another bidder chimed in, taking it up to $6. Unfortunately, someone I opted against a reserve hoping to attract more interest by doing so. Oh well, I guess I can feel good about giving one lucky bidder a heckuva sweet deal…and hope that my boss can too, ha ha (nervous laughter). Ha. … ha…


Appraised: $120.00 (both domains)
Sold: $6.00
Profit: -$12.00.

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