Mirror App — Look at Yourself. Snap a Selfie. Totally Private.

The iotap.io Mirror App lets you look at yourself

or whatever your device’s main camera happens to be pointed at. It’s a mirror in your web browser, which you can use on various devices.


It works in your browser online, offline, AND…from your home screen like an app!

iotap.io Mirror App AdHTML5 makes all this possible from a single web application.

Total Privacy

Mirror App uses your device’s video feed within your browser. No server ever handles, touches, sees, or even sneezes in the general direction of your video feed, meaning it is entirely local to your device and entirely private.

So you can check your hair without Google peeping on you.

Snapshots: Why not a selfie?

Mirror App also lets you take transient snapshots, which are also hosted entirely as data strings in your browser, and therefore, also, totally private. Your picture exists only as long is it is open (or perhaps cached) in your browser. Close the tab and it’s effectively gone. (Clear your browser cache and it’s totally, annihilated-ly, reduced-to-primordial-non-existence gone.) How’s that for user privacy? Take that, SnapChat.

However, you have the option to save your snapshots to your device too! Your glamorous face need not vanish as dust in the wind.*

The Catch: Limited Support

The iotap.io Mirror App requires an up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox. Also, and unfortunately, iOS does not yet support HTML5 or the getUserMedia api. We created Mirror App to test out these new web standards, so, understandably, support is spotty.

(Browser compatibility for HTML5 can only increase in time.)

Click here to try Mirror App.

*Note of interest: If you save your snapshot, no EXIF data gets stored with your file. If you’re really really concerned with image privacy, then this allows you to take some truly anonymous photos! This means the image file does not contain information including device/camera, timestamp, geotag, or camera settings!

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