Changes to the WDECE app since last update

Sheridan Programmers Guild has partnered with Gannett Peak Technical Services of Cheyenne to enable a team of interns based in Sheridan to participate in the Coders of the West internship program.

Hello! Caden here again, with another update on the app we’ve been creating, the WDECE explorer. Since our last post, many additions have been created, coded and pushed to the app. These have expanded on its functionality greatly. One of the more notable of these changes is the ability to edit the display color scheme of the app, from a wide variety of possible options. Some of these include a “Business” color scheme, and several others. Here are some examples: the Default, the Violy, and the WyoPride one.

Also created recently were about 5 or 6 possible Favicons, or small display images that appear on the top of the page when it loads in the browser. These were created by other interns, Sara and Sidney. As well, we created a hub for these Favicons so an admin can change between the ones they see as the best and most appropriate for the website. The ones created so far are a cowboy hat representative of Wyoming, a buffalo, and a few others. The work into these has been very fun for everyone involved, and we hope to make more.



(Cowboy hat, currently the favicon)

Another thing added in the latest surge of updates and fixes were several different kinds of buttons appearing for actions on the lists, these buttons being ones that meant to remove or edit a record on it. We finished up the code and images for these buttons recently, allowing an admin who has access to be able to add any sort of data they should need to. As well, we’ve had to modify a lot of this data for accuracy, but we’ve had fun doing it.


Many glitches and momentary bugs in the code happened as we added some more details to the app, including a list of postsecondary schools and possible careers in Wyoming. The team of other developers and interns in Cheyenne has added plenty of new graphics too, allowing us to refine the design for the final version. We’ve had lots of fun figuring out creative ways to repair and fix these problems, and everyone is looking forwards to the end of this great project as a team!


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