Brad Pitt as a Quantum Leader

I experienced a tidy patch of synchronicity last week.
First, I worked my way through the Crisis Management chapter in the Quantum Leadership book I’m reading.  Second, I dragged my husband to the theater to see Moneyball, the new Brad Pitt movie about Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s baseball team.  Then, in quick succession, I had the opportunity to see a preview of Windows 8 on a slate computer and  Amazon announced its new Kindle line-up, including the Fire, a heavily customized Android tablet.

Quantum’s take on crisis management is, essentially, “Get used to it.  Get better at it.  Stop thinking of it as something you only do from time to time.” Continue Reading →

Computational Complexity and the Data Quality State

At the end of last week, I afforded myself the treat of attending the second annual Wyoming Biotech Conference. This event is seriously off-topic for me, having nothing to do with my start-up software company’s current focus on building mobile apps for field data collection and problem reporting. But it’s a great thing to get out of the office and hear directly from people going after Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals, especially in fields far away from one’s own. And, to be honest, Wyoming operates a bit like a small company, with our academics and government employees wearing many hats, so even at an ‘off topic’ conference, one can do a lot of useful networking.

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