Coders of the West Internship – End of Year Reflection, pt 2

Part 1

Coders of the West Wyoming Internship Program Spring Semester

Coders of the West Spring Semester participants (l to r): Sidney Jensen, Sara Keeney, Tyler Defeyter, Anne Gunn (mentor), Bret Norwood (mentor), Tyler Osborn, Caden Masters

As a learning experience, Coders of the West was thoroughly project-oriented in approach, though we did rely to some extent on Codecademy and other tutorial materials, and rare “classroom moments.” In dividing project tasks, individual interests were taken into account, and talents nurtured.

Wyoming Department of Education Career Explorer - Companies Admin

The Coders of the West Sheridan Team participants focused on administrator views such as this one for managing company data.

“This internship has taught me that there are a lot of ways I could put [writing] into a lot of different careers,” says Caden Masters, whom we tapped to draft the initial WDECE About copy, the GitHub ReadMe for BusRoutes, two blog posts, and several issue reports and other small bits of copywriting. Caden, who plans to study Computer Science at Sheridan College next year, also has an interest in website design in conjunction with copywriting, “knowing I will make [clients’] websites look less archaic while also sharpening my writing skills.”
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Coders of the West Internship – End of Year Reflection, pt 1

It was kind of like the Breakfast Club, except that it happened at about dinner time, and instead of the jock, the nerd, the uptown girl, the misfit, and the rebel…it was the nerd, the nerd, the nerd, the nerd, the nerd, and the nerd.

It was the Coders of the West internship program. Anne (owner of Sheridan Programmers Guild) and I (subordinate/henchman) were fortunate to have the chance to work with the State of Wyoming, Gannett Peak Technical Services of Cheyenne (GTPS), Sheridan College (SC), and  Sheridan High School (SHS) to allow high school and college students in Sheridan County to have access to this hands-on software development opportunity. I count myself fortunate to have worked with each of our interns. I can also, confidently, express thanks on their behalf that they had the experience.

Participants in the Sheridan Team contributed code, design elements, copy, and quality assurance (testing, issue reporting) to a professional web development project lead by GTPS. Interns experienced a mixture of local face-to-face teamwork, remote teamwork with Cheyenne, and independent work. Continue Reading →

Changes to the WDECE app since last update

Sheridan Programmers Guild has partnered with Gannett Peak Technical Services of Cheyenne to enable a team of interns based in Sheridan to participate in the Coders of the West internship program.

Hello! Caden here again, with another update on the app we’ve been creating, the WDECE explorer. Since our last post, many additions have been created, coded and pushed to the app. These have expanded on its functionality greatly. One of the more notable of these changes is the ability to edit the display color scheme of the app, from a wide variety of possible options. Some of these include a “Business” color scheme, and several others. Here are some examples: the Default, the Violy, and the WyoPride one.
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COTW: GeoJSON vs FusionTables with Google Maps API

A Coders of the West Internship Program Update

My name is Tyler DeFeyter and I am a freshman at Sheridan Community College in the Computer Science program as well as a member of the Coders of the West program.

The main project we are working on is the WDECE Career Explorer, which is a program designed to help high school students map out potential careers that they are interested in.

A few weeks ago while working on the WDECE project, we looked into different ways to display county lines onto a Google map. The two main ways we found to do this was either loading GeoJson or importing a Google FusionTable. Continue Reading →

Coders of the West: Introductory Post

Sheridan Programmers Guild has partnered with Gannett Peak Technical Services of Cheyenne to enable a team of interns based in Sheridan to participate in the Coders of the West internship program.

An Introduction to Coders of the West
a State of Wyoming technology internship program

by Caden Masters, Sheridan High School

Hello! My name is Caden Masters, and I am a programming intern for Gannett Peak Technical Services, as part of the Coders of the West initiative in the state of Wyoming! Our project is about fostering coding, programming and technical skills among up and coming Wyoming students who want to succeed in the 21st century coding world. I was brought into this program through a two-week coding “bootcamp” program promoted and advertised at my school, and I was later recruited into an internship as part of this. I, myself, have been assigned primarily to collecting data for projects we’ve done, such as the bus routes on a route app we created. As well, in the later days of the project, I worked a lot on some code created to help parse data on companies I located while looking for places with employment possibility in Wyoming, using python to search documents with our information in it.

As of late, I’ve been creating tools to sample information for a project based on education and employment in Wyoming, and this tool has been a unique project and experience for our team to work on to create content for. The project is focused on employment and corporations in this state, showing information about possible careers in it, from Kennon Aircraft Covers to Steady Stream Hydrology. The aim of this project is to help individuals in Wyoming obtain career guidance on any kind of employment they wish to. We are currently using a unique API designed by the state of Wyoming that stored previously-gathered information on the corporations in Wyoming.

Coders of the West Internship - Fall Semester 2017 Participants

Coders of the West Internship Fall Semester 2016 Participants, L-to-R: Tyler Osborn, Tylor York, Anne Gunn (Mentor, in Halloween attire), Caden Masters, Rylee Smith