DripTimer.com Irrigation Supply Domain Name Available (TurfCalculator.com Too!)

Premium Domains DripTimer.com and TurfCalculator.com Up for Sale!

[UPDATE 05/29/2015: TurfCalculator is SOLD. DripTimer.com is listed at GoDaddy.]

[EDIT 04/03/2015: Now listed at Auctions.GoDaddy.com!]

DripTimer.com and TurfCalculator.com are going up for sale! These two fantastic exact match domain names will go to auction on Flippa.com within the coming weeks, but we will be willing to consider reasonable offers for these domains up until bidding begins.

An Irrigation Supply Store’s Dream Domain

A 4-yr aged category killer for the drip timer market.

An irrigation timerA drip timer is a device for scheduling or timing a drip irrigation system, and usually refers to either a hose-end timer or to mounted controllers for home and garden irrigation. DripTimer.com is the ideal domain for an irrigation or home-and-garden supply store to capture drip timer keyword searches and make sales.

Drip timers usually sell between $30 (a simple hose-end timer) and $80 (for a mounted AC station) per unit.

Keyword facts

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AndroidDebugging.com: “Appraised” for $2,350, Sells for $6 [ A Domaining Update]

Sherprog Goes Domaining…

This winter, we’ve leapt into “domaining.” Domaining is the hobby or business of participating in the domain name aftermarket. 

Last week our first domain name auction on Flippa.com closed. Anne decided this winter to thin out her domain coffers, and the first auction to go live was a lot of two related domains: AndroidDebugging.com ($60, Estibot) and AndroidDebugger.com ($55, Estibot).

They were both English-language exact-keyword-match .com domains. It looked good to me. Continue Reading →