This is NOT a page about job openings.  I’m not sure when ‘opportunity’ became a euphemism for ‘job’ or even why the word job has come to require a euphemism.  But, in any case, this really is a page about business opportunities that are definitely not jobs.

We think there are remarkable opportunities available  in the phone app marketplace  — for consumers, for developers, and for inventors and content producers.   We know we will never conquer our share of them without help and partnerships.  On this page, we describe some of the partnerships we envision developing but we also welcome other ideas.

Please use the contact form below if you’d like to start a conversation with us.

Experienced phone app developers (companies or individuals):

Our in-house expertise is primarily Android.  If you are an iPhone, Blackberry, Win7, or Symbian shop or individual developer and you either a) have apps that you would like to port to Android or b) are interested in porting any of our apps to your platform, let’s talk.

Experienced developers curious about phone app development:

If you are a true developer, as opposed to just a programmer, you know that publishing any product is at least as much about marketing and support and a long-term product strategy as it is about getting the first version running.  But you are also itching to dive in and give app programming a try.  So you’re stuck between the non-experience of getting an ‘Hello, World’ app running and jumping all the way into the app marketplace with a published product you’re committed to supporting.  Contact us now.  We have product specifications sitting on the runway, waiting for takeoff.  We can define a win-win sweat equity project where you get

  • the experience of building a meaningful published app,
  • an app in the marketplace you can point to on your resume, and
  • no ongoing support burden if you don’t want it.

To start with you might make enough money to buy an extra latte a week, but probably not more.  These are getting-up-to-speed exercises but valuable ones that will result in published products.  But we have long-term product plans for most of our app ideas that we think will lead to substantial revenue generation.  If you like working with us, your first app need not be your last by any means.

‘Content’ owners who need an app developer to execute on your product idea:

Note that we are primarily an Android house right now (i.e. we don’t currently write iPhone/iPad apps).  If that fits the demographics of your target market, contact us.  We are smart, honest, easy to work with, and we deliver.  If that doesn’t fit your demographics (you really need an iPhone, iPad, or Blackberry app), you can still contact us and we will do our best to refer you to one of our iOs-capable partners.

Students / internship opportunities:

These will be rare but may be available.  One of the first questions we’ll ask, because we think it is the best way for students to get experience with real-world software, is, “What open source projects have you contributed to?”  If you don’t have an open source contribution to point to, what non-class-project experience can you tell us about?  For more information, please see our Programming Internships page.