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Sheridan Programmers Guild has a history of making code work for hardworking people.




Our Consulting Specialties Include:

Ebook Production (EPUB & Kindle)

We specialize in ebook adaptations of complex material such as the Emergency Response Guidebook (pictured), which contains hundreds of pages of data tables, but we can certainly do simpler ebooks too!

We’ve also taken print-ready digital copy and converted it into a clean, readable ebook that passes EPUB validation.

WordPress Customization & Administration

It’s amazing what you can do with WordPress these days. Even some major websites are built upon the WordPress engine. Whether you are considering a new website, or your existing site needs theme customization or a long-overdue update, we can help.

Data Management / Automation Systems for Mobile Devices

Bulk photo collection for centralized processing and specialized record-keeping apps are examples in our mobile app repertoire.

Websites, Custom Mobile Apps and Other Custom Software

Query us and we’ll see what we can do!

Even if we aren’t the right resource for you, we can sometimes introduce you to someone who can help.

Wanted to let you know I’ve exchanged some emails with Colin. He pointed us to some technology that is exactly what we are looking for. Not only that but there [are] already samples of the algorithm written in Python for us so we were able to test and prove the theory…Thanks again for your help. Without you, I would not have found Colin and would not have found the software.

–Greg Hansen, Hands on the Web, LLC

Email: anne.gunn@sherprog.com

Phone: 307 461 9616

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Sheridan Programmers Guild
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2 Replies to “Our Services”

  1. Robert

    Comment: What is the best (and most efficient) method of converting a book created in InDesign into an ebook format? Many graphics of all descriptions.
    Book specifications:
    8in x 10in
    4/c throughout

  2. Bret Norwood Post author


    It’s been a few years since I last worked on that sort of problem, but I know a few years ago “best” and “most efficient” were not the same option. If you wanted to produce a professional quality ebook from complex InDesign layouts, you needed skilled human hours to tease the content into ebook form. I don’t know if InDesign ebook exports have improved since the first versions of Creative Cloud.

    When I was doing this kind of work, I exported HTML from InDesign, manually revised and edited the HTML layout, and then used the free tool Calibre to convert HTML to EPUB and MOBI. In short, it really helps to have a web design guy (HTML/CSS) to work on the book. This was the best option I knew and it produced a publishable result when the InDesign push-button export could not, not by itself anyway. There may be better tools now, especially in the professional publishing industry among the big houses, I don’t know. If there are, these things weren’t available or widely known when I blogged on this topic.

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